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Instagram is a photo sharing tool that was recently acquired by Facebook for $1 billion. We all know the importance that we attach to fleeting and bygone moments captured in a picture. Photography has been given a social dimension by the world of social media these days. Instagram is one such tool that makes your photos much more interesting and fun than you ever thought they could be.

Here are 15 essential apps for instagram to do more:

1. Instaorders:

This app is useful for people who sell stuff online using Instagram. It hugely improves their business management by converting their profile into an online store. It enables the user to track orders, revenues, visitors etc.


2. SocialSafe:

This app enables its user to download Instagram photos and videos along with all the comments, likes and tags received by them. You can also download the lists of followers.


3. PicSlit:

This is a good picture puzzle app for Instagram. It slits your selected photographs into 3, 6, 9 or 12 slits. You can upload these bits and pieces so that your followers eventually see a broken picture covering your Instagram profile.

[PicSlit App available on iTunes and Play Store]

4. Giclie:

This can rightly be called Instagram printing service. It is a wonder way to turn photographs into real pictures. This app allows printing on any printer in the sizes of 2×3, 4×6 or 3×4 inches. All that you need to print a picture is send it to Instagram with the location tag which you get by registering on Giclie website.


5. Nitrogram:

This is a professional platform for social engagement on Instagram. It enables creation of galleries that can be embedded on Facebook and other websites.


6. Ultraweather:

With this app, your Instagram photos can show current weather conditions and forecasts. As a user you have the option to put your own picture in the app.

[UltraWeather App available on App Store]

7. Instagram Popular Photos:

This app collects popular photos from Instagram and showcases them on a web page. It provides options to see them in original size or check out other collections. It does not offer any liking, sharing or commenting feature.


8. Afterlight:

Afterlight is an app for instagram that incorporates 39 filters, 45 textures and 21 frames and it has made it very easy to share pictures to Instagram. The massive amounts of texture and filter combinations are a treat for its user. Its highlight controls make it a good tool to elevate a picture’s standard. The only restriction is that it is available only for iPhone users and if you are an Instagram user on Android, you cannot enjoy the editing service.

[Afterlight app available on App Store]

9. Hashtagram:

This app is a slideshow of your photos on Instagram. Based on Twitter feed, it rotates images in full screen. Each keyword and hashtag search looks for results based on the Instagram photos appearing on twitter. This app easily integrates with Twitter and allows easy quote, reply or re tweet.

[Hashtagram App available on App Store]

10. Instadash:

This app is known to be the app created in just 12 hours. This provides you an instant access to your Instagram feed. With this app you can also remain updated with the most popular photos and check out your own favorite photos and profile.


11. InstaChimp:

This app links your Instagram and MailChimp accounts to enable you easy sharing of your photos. Once you have an account on InstaChimp, you can drag photos onto a template and share it with your friends in no time.


12. PrintYourInsta:

This is again an Instagram printing service. You can print an Instagram picture directly to a postcard size photo from your iPhone using an AirPrint printer. This app enables you to choose the layout and themes. You can also tweet and e-mail the postcard.

[PrintYourInsta app available on App Store]

13. Instablast:

This app lets you know when your preferred Instagrammers have posted a new photograph. All you need to do is set push notifications to alert you when there is a new photo in your feed. You can also sort alphabetically or by date to view the list of your favorite Instagrammers.

[Instablast app available on App Store]

14. Statigram:

This is an alternative to the Instagram mobile app and much more. It arms you with a number of features that are rare to find on any other platform such as cover creator, Facebook custom tab, Timeline integration etc.


15. Timehop:

This app links to Instagram and provides you with a mail daily that contains your social media posts from 1 year ago. This can rightly be called a little time capsule that puts together a picture of what you were doing, thinking or seeing on a day, may be a year ago.

[Timehop app available on App Store]

That’s all folks! Enjoy playing with these apps for instagram and share your experience in the comments below.

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