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Keeping kids entertained on hot summer days can be a challenge, but the change in seasons calls for new activities! Here are 5 activities for fall that take you beyond the pool and the playground.

1. Ice Chalk

This cool and colorful activity is a variation of sidewalk chalk. Basic household ingredients are mixed with liquid watercolors and then frozen. Kids can engage in creative play, stay cool, and have fun making an outside mess at the same time. To make: combine cornstarch and liquid watercolor paints with water and freeze in an ice cube tray. When frozen, remove the colored cubes and head outside to paint on your sidewalk or driveway.

2. Create a song photo album

This is a rainy day activity that will engage all members of the family, even teenagers. Start by gathering some of your favorite family photos. These can be from a special occasion or they can just be random snapshots. Let each family member select his or her favorite special photo and then pick a song that reminds them of the picture. Put all the songs on playlist and download them onto individual mp3 players or burn onto CDs for family members to keep and play.

3. Try an alphabet scavenger hunt

Little ones will get a head start on learning their ABCs and older kids will enjoy hunting for fun outdoor items. Set up a collection area outside and place an alphabet block or sign for each letter in the space. Each family member will then go hunting for an object that starts with each letter. Be sure to establish clear boundaries for safety.

4. Start a reading ritual

Creating a daily space and time to read keeps students’ skills sharp and can create a much needed period of quiet time each day. Pick a 30 minute to 1 hour period each day and create a special family space and environment for reading. At the end of the reading time, take time to ask each child about what he or she has read and enjoy some quality time together.

5. Create a backyard archeological dig

This is a more organized form of good, old-fashioned dirt play for families with a patch of grass to spare. Start by collecting some “treasures” to bury in a section of the backyard. Section the area off into squares with stakes and twine and let each child start digging in a square. Have small brushes and wet wipes available to help clean their finds. Parents can combine this activity with a trip to the library or museum to learn about ancient civilizations.

These activities are just some of the many ways to keep your kids occupied this summer. With a little bit of creativity and initiative, you can create a fun and memorable summer.

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