iBike will bring a new experience to daily cyclers

iBike will bring a new experience to daily cyclers – Image Credits

People often cycle with their iPhone’s earpiece on, what if that cycling experience is to be given a new more attractive interface with things like hear rate monitor, real time music, water protected dash and many more on your own very bike.

This iBike dash gives user a totally amazing computer based cycling experience, that protects your iPhone or iPad by protective housing that is water proof so weather is never a problem. It also includes ANT+ speed sensor compatible with other ANT+ devices to measure heart rate and cadence.

ANT+ designed for for data sensor to interact with remote control systems such as indoor lighting, phone control etc. It also accumulates room for extra rechargeable battery to extend its run time. Real time speed, heart monitor and other state of the art display apps provides a very professional cycling experience. However, a free app is required to download from app store.

Not to forget that like many iCar automobile manufacturers, iBike Dash is not directly manufactured by Apple. However, the interface provides an experience that collates with idevices. Of course, this would not come free as its being sold in states for around $199 while the deluxe model is around $329. If you are regular cycler its really worth it to have such a device to keep you going in paddling but professional manner.

Many of us might have a vision of a real Apple iBike but it is not something Apple would be planning to roll out any sooner as their main focus these days is to throw out their new iPhone 6 or possibly a brand new experience of iPhone Air.

The next Big thing many of its users would be thinking of.

The next Big thing many of its users would be thinking of – Image Credits

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