Smoking Kills
Smoking Kills – Image Credits: Hassan Durrani Photography

The art of innovation is the concept of recreating an environment that conveys a message though your photography. Here is one such example of a message for smokers. The photograph, taken by Hassan Durrani, shows bunch of cigarettes piled together with a little watch at the back, demonstrating the short life span of smokers!

Method to click this ‘Smoking Kills’ photograph..

All you need is a bunch of Cigarettes folded in the shape of a dynamite, used in previous decades with any thread and a watch showing the countdown of the blast.

Step 1

Place the objects in a dark room or use a black cloth as the background. The only source of light is placed in front of the objects.

Step 2

Place the camera on a tripod stand in the front of the object. Select the metering mode as the ‘Spot Metering’ on your camera. The spot metering mode will allow you to cover only 1-5% of the area of view finder.

Step 3

The aperture is set to f/14 for clear focused image. The shutter speed is set up to 1/15 sec and ISO-1600 is used in order to click this picture. To decrease the noise you can also try decrease the aperture to f/14.

You can try a little different settings as well to get desired results. Good luck!