Does more megapixels mean better quality
Does more megapixels mean better quality – Image Credits

The definition of a Megapixel is quite simple. If a camera is 1 megapixel, it means that a camera can capture 1 million pixels per image. So, this means more megapixels mean more quality? Well, actually No!

There’s a common misconception that more megapixels certainly means the better camera and hence the better quality of the image. I believe this is due to the ‘genius’ marketing techniques that make us think that more megapixels means the better camera.

However, there’s a lot more than the megapixels in a camera. The lens used is important, a low quality lens will almost always produce poor images regardless of quantity of megapixels your sensor has.
Another main component is sensor size itself. The standard of the image is more dependent upon how much light, the sensor can take in. To take in more light you need larger pixels, so here the size of pixels matters, not the number of pixels.

Moreover, you don’t necessarily need more megapixels, for example if you you’re going to use your image for 10×8 inch prints, then you’ll be good with a 5 megapixel camera.

Hence, megapixels are good, but not the only factor determining the quality of the picture. So, when upgrading your camera make sure you not only consider the megapixels, but the sensors and lenses as well.

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