Feeling hopeless?
Feeling hopeless? – Image Credits: InternetOh.com

Hopelessness is a more than a feeling. I consider this as a worse illness, it can lead to anxiety, depression and a lot of stress. Its an extremely uncomfortable situation in which everything seems to go against you.
Most of the time, you think you can’t do anything about it, but in fact the only person who can help you the most in such situations is “You”.

The following tips will help you to overcome your hopelessness. Some of them may sound weird, but give them a try.

Cry for a while

Cry like a baby.. Scientifically, crying is a response to stress and grief. Crying can help you feel lighter when you are in hopelessness state. Just lock yourself in a silent room and cry for a while, then think about all the good things and blessings you have. Remember those who don’t even have any shelter, food to eat or even clean water.

Console Yourself

Yes, I messed up this and that. I simply can’t do anything about it now.. So, whats the point of taking so much stress? Just embrace the reality and console yourself. Everything happens for some purpose, it’s okay! Just get over it. 

Spend time with someone/something

Sometimes spending time with the people you love help you to feel better and forget the bad things when you are feeling hopeless. So, try spending time with your family, wife, kids or a friend who you love the most. Or you can simply indulge in some hobby or anything you love to do the most. It can be anything like playing games, photography or any other hobby.

Just remember its just a little world, life is really short. There are many good things to do instead of just being hopeless. Cherish what you got. Enjoy and share you life with others..

Just say, “shit happens” and move on!

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