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If you are a marketer or online business owner and you believe that passing your message through video is an effective way to market, then you are on the right track. People love videos. A well marketed YouTube channel can increase your customer base through subscriptions and shares. This is one of the most fortified subscriber bases that exist today.

Basically, these are people who choose to be entertained by your message. They follow your brand closely; often comment on your video postings and champions’ recruitment campaigns for everybody else that isn’t following you. They are essentially your very own marketing team and you don’t even have to pay them. But of course getting to this level takes some work.

You can’t just simply post a video on YouTube and hope that people will see it. It takes work and quite a bit of tricky strategy.

So How Can You Increase Your Free YouTube Subscribers Count?

Well, there are several little tips and tricks you can employ in order to increase the number of subscribers on your YouTube channels. Most of them are very simple to implement. But before we go into that, we have to make sure that you have the basics covered. For your marketing campaign to work on YouTube, you need to consistently post videos that provide value to your clients. These videos have to be remarkable, something people will be proud to share with their friends. Make them highly engaging and of the highest possible picture and sound quality.

Here are some simple steps that you can take in order to increase your subscribers on YouTube:

1. Call to action:

Sometimes the simplest solution is the best. Simply ask people to subscribe to your YouTube channel. Have a clear call to action that tells your clients you want them to subscribe to your channel. Of course this shouldn’t be out of the goodness of their hearts. Make sure to include some sort of incentive. This is where the value created by your videos comes into play. Be sure to remind your clients that if they want to experience more benefits, they should subscribe to your channel. Either that or you could hold a raffle. Just make sure there is an incentive for subscribing.

2. Advertise on other media:

Be sure to add YouTube widgets to the other platforms that you may run. This includes your blog, Fanpages and other websites. By embedding your YouTube videos on the various platforms, you increase the potential reach the video has. By including a clear call to action within the vicinity of these videos, more and more people will be tempted to subscribe to your channel. Especially, if the video offers great value to their lives.

3. Interact with the YouTube community:

Many people often forget that YouTube is a social media platform. This means that there are communities within it that are simply waiting to be discovered. Take some time to find the niche leaders and other relevant members on YouTube. Subscribe to their channel and consistently interact with them by commenting and liking their content. This will result in reciprocation, which will only spread the word about your channel further.

Another method of further spreading the word about your brand through interacting with the YouTube community is to leverage other featured channels. By adding ‘featured channels’ to your page and recommending them to your subscribers, you open up an opportunity for the recommended channel owners to do the same with your channel to their subscribers.

4. Make use of annotations:

Although people tend to misuse this feature, annotations can be very effective when it comes to getting subscribers. Annotations are the little notes within a video that have become very wide spread of late. When they are not covering up the whole video and annoying the sanity out of you, they are very effective. Carefully and strategically placed annotations that include clear calls to action are some of the simplest and best ways to get people to know what you want them to do.

5. Bribery:

Might be an ugly word but it works! Create some sort of payoff for people to rally behind. Say for example you have 2000 subscribers and you want to reach 3000. Tell everyone on YouTube that you will be giving away a free gift card or you will post a video of yourself doing the robot dance once your subscriber base gets to 3000. Depending on how enticingly ridiculous your payoff is, people will quickly rally behind your goals just to receive the payoff.

So next time you find yourself asking, “How can you increase the number of subscribers of your YouTube channel?” Try out the five methods highlighted here, the results will surprise you.


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