poop just got real
poop just got real

It was just another normal night. Everything was cool and calm. I was pooping in my bathroom while playing Fifa 14 online with random players. I played a match with something who was playing with Manchester City and I lost 2-0. That was absolutely fine for me, I just moved on and started the next match.

I was playing with Barcelona. The random opponent had Real Madrid..  If you’re a football fan, then you already know that this is not the same as any other match! Its El Classico, either you win it or die!

Starting the match, the opponent turned out to be the tough one. I lost the match 2-0.  That was humiliating and the poop just got real!

I had to do the research, but it was a matter of integrity. The only option I had was “Rematch”. Luckily, I won this match 4-2.

Both of us knew that only way to decide the issue was to have another match. So, these match series turned out to be the best of  three. We had to play the last match to decide who’s the better player. The third match, guess who was the winner? It was me.. 1-0 the final score..

That was a relief. Finally, I finished pooping and came out of the bathroom like a boss! That was the happiest poop of my life! 😛

Checkout the chip goal, I scored to that poor lad.

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Image Credits: Flickr Profile Oh-barcelona.com