Promote your business via twitter
Promote your business via twitter – Image Credits

The world goes social – and business is not an exception. Social media promotion becomes an initial part rather than an occasion in a promotional campaign. A worldwide famous micro-blogging platform called Twitter can be perfectly useful for any kind of business. It offers numerous solutions to increase the exposure, the number of followers and your potential clients. This is why many businesses in various areas already use Twitter for promotion. You should give it a try, too! Here are hints for you for making it a success:


1. Start with importing your contacts from the mail service you use, e.g. Hotmail, Gmail or any other. Thus, you will keep in touch with people you communicate most.

2. Complete your profile, including filling in the optional fields. Make it as personalized as possible. Use your own tone and voice to stand out amongst the competitors.

3. Remember the following formula: 3 informative posts and one promotional message. And it’s the informative posts that must be (and will be) re-tweeted more often and bring you more followers and provide higher visibility. Concentrating on promotion only, in contrary, will turn the visitors away from you as they will consider the excess of such messages as a spam.

4. If you have a business blog, why not give it an extra exposure via Twitter? Just don’t tweet each post you’ve published, focus on these which are really good, well-commented and helpful.

5. Promote your products and services in a creative way. While traditional promotion can turn away your visitors, an interesting way of promotion can attract even more visitors! The best example of such promotion is how to use your products or services daily and interesting stories related to that, including photos etc.

6. Don’t hesitate to join the conversation between the other brands or people related to your area. If you can share some useful information, you’ll get extra visitors!

7. Look for opportunities to collaborate. A lot of influential people and brands in your area must already be presented in Twitter. So, re-tweet them, chat privately and network. One day you may be involved in an affair that would be beneficial for you both!

8. Don’t forget to tweet regularly. Of course, nobody says that you should release a new tweet hourly, but leaving it not updated for days is an unforgivable mistake.

9. Ask your followers to re-tweet your tweet if you need this. The researches show that people are more willing to like or share something when asked about it.

10. Get the best with the hashtags! The hashtags is a convenient search tool, and by adding 2 or 3 tags on each your post, you increase your chances to be found by those who looks for a relevant information.

11. Run a contest and give a discount or prize to those who will re-tweet or mention you. Such contests can give you much more exposure.

12. Add visual content. It’s proven that visual content generate more likes and shares in any social network. It works for twitter, too.

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