Galaxy S5 Crystal Collection
Samsung Galaxy S5 Crystal Collection

Samsung and Swarovski (an Austrian luxury crystal glass company) has teamed up to launch an edition of Samsung Galaxy S5 in Swarovski crystals.
Its not the first time that these two companies collaborated, in fact they Samsung has launched products in Swarovski crystals in the past as well, for example Note 3. The teaser video of Swarovski edition of Galaxy S5 has caught up the fans with great excitement. However, there is no long wait as it is planned to launch this edition of Galaxy s5 in May. You can watch the teaser video below:


As the video shows, the back of Galaxy S5 would be made of thousands of beautiful Swarovski crystals. Obviously, that would be far better than the normal plastic casings of galaxy phones. The price of this edition is yet to be confirmed. However, there should be no doubts about the success of Galaxy S5 crystal, if people can buy gold iPhones, then why not this unique thing that’s on an another level.

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