slidejoy app
Slidejoy App – Image Credits

The newest perk of your mobile phone is here. Slidejoy creates your phone’s lock screen into a signboard with a very unique idea that is launched today! Time to make your lock screen productive! 😀
If you are not irritated by the flashing newest ads then apply this app and start earning from the lock screen of your android phone.
On getting this app, you get a discount. Plus, the newest deals around town! Isn’t it just great?
Robert Seo, the chief executive of the company says the app adapts to a person’s preferences, locations, behaviors, and usage times to curate a more profitable and relevant user experience. Earnings from this app are bit low at the moment, but hopefully it will increase as they get more potential advertisers.

The algorithm behind this app is the direction to which the users slide the ad. A Slide towards right deducts the rating of that ad and a slide towards left increases up to the rating of the ad. Thus, deciding which ads to post for which user. People will be paid the same amount regardless of which way they slide the ad. Also, the option to access mobile data of user can process out the useful ads for specific user’s interests.

The idea to use the lock screen for marketing is such a way is a leap. Majorly, the most viewed thing in a day by anyone is his/her phone’s lock screen thus this idea has so much potential for marketing brands and companies. Easy layout and notifications on how much money the user have served makes the app even more exciting. Slidejoy is one of the most revolutionary apps developed so far.

Currently this app is only available on Play store, but they plan to launch it on App store this summer.

Download: Play Store (may not available in all countries)

What are you views about this app? Do you think that this app will be a success?