nokia's android phone
Myth about Nokia’s Android Phone – Image Credits

The popular rumor about Nokia’s Android phone was confirmed at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. It was revealed that at the moment, Nokia will rolling out Nokia X, X+ and XL with the android OS running on them.

Moreover, details were given that android running on Nokia’s phones will be nowhere near to the traditional android currently we have. It will be ‘a lot’ different, since it will be just using the android OS’s base. So, it will not give you an exact feel of android OS at all. Hence, we can call it more of a hybrid of Nokia’s Windows OS phone and Android. However, it will be able to run all Android apps smoothly.

Nokia X is planned to have a little less specs, for example with only 3 megapixels of camera, and so the price of Nokia X would be around €80-90. However, Nokia X+ is like an upgraded version of Nokia X with larger display and improved technical specifications.

These phones are planned to launch in March, 2014.  Apparently, It’d be something unique this time. Lets see how it goes.. Excited? Share your views about it.

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