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Ever since Facebook allowed the use of hashtags, they have become more and more popular as each day passes. However, some Facebook users appear to be over excited and use hashtags irresponsibly whenever they are posting updates or writing comments. Some may be unaware of how to use the hashtags correctly but others just neglect its function. Whenever you are Facebooking, it is important to use the hashtags correctly.

Tips on using the Hashtags on Facebook Effectively:

*Keep it relevant:

Avoid using hashtags for miscellaneous purposes e.g. just for traffic sake. This eventually ruins your reputation and you end up receiving negative comments. In extreme cases, you may be sent to internet jail where you can be prosecuted. So, it is important to use hashtags where necessary and relevant to what you are posting.

*Keep it simple:

Sometimes, we say that less is more. It is advisable to always keep it simple. For example, if you want people to start using a certain hashtags, go for at least two words or an abbreviation.

*Keep it obvious:

Try to use hashtags that have been used previously. They are easily understandable than the one you try creating and expect other to comprehend and use it in your conversation. Try to check the hashtags that will not affect you public relations since some of the hashtags created tend to bring more harm than good.

*Do not spam:

Having to many hashtags in a single update is wrong. It makes your update look spammy thus no one will be willing to comment on your status. A maximum of 2 hashtags are enough for each status you post.

*Define your hashtags:

When you first post the hashtags, it is important that you define the hashtags so as to let the people know its meaning. Describe it in short simple words that are easily understood.

Hashtags and Facebook:

Essentially, hashtags were created to help people communicate to each other more easily. It was used to help people identify what topics they were talking about especially in public conversations. Basically, hashtags on Facebook are primarily used to categorize conversations between different users. However, as time passed; hashtags have continuously been missed used by the users.

Facebook graciously offered 3 usage tips of hashtags to those individuals who had no idea of how the hashtags worked. The 3 usage tips for hashtags included;

  1. Search for specific hashtags from the search bar.
  2. Click on hashtags that originate from other services e.g. the Instagram.
  3. To compose hash tags directly from feeds and search the results.


Hashtags privacy! What is it?

This is a tool that allows you to control the number of people who see your posts. Some of the privacy hashtags settings we have today according to Mari Smith are;

  • Privacy settings – This includes that features of Facebook privacy settings.
  • If you publish a post on your profile so that your friends see it and the post has hashtags, the hashtags are clickable and only opens up for those friends to see.
  • Only friends with hashtags will be able to see it.
  • Privacy settings without hashtags are visible to all friends
  • Individual comments on threads do not surface when carrying hashtags searches.

These are just some of the privacy settings summed up by Mari Smith.

Can Facebook hashtags help you in marketing?

Various companies can use hashtags to draw specific audience to have a deeper conversation with them to convince them to buy their products. They do this by interacting with them constantly. If you capture the concept of hashtags on Facebook, you have the ability to grow your market to its full potential.
How does Hashtags on Facebook help you to brand your product? They do this through the following ways:

  1. Promote events and specials – you can use the special hashtags in your post to highlight events and promotions about your company or products.
  2. Capture new fans – you have the ability to capture new fans that are liked minded by using similar hashtags to through a conversation and start engaging with them.
  3. Cross social platforms – since hashtags are now in facebook, you can now post to multiple platforms as they are easily searchable.
  4. Amplify the brand and expand its reach.

That’s all there is to know about Facebook and #hashtags.

About the Author:
Robert Bryant is a blogger and works with MaxWell Systems – A software Company. He likes blogging about Online Marketing Strategies, SEO Tips, Social Media Tips and Blogging Strategies.