How to Upload Website on Hosting
Uploading a Website on Hosting – Image Credits

Few of the friends asked about the publishing of the websites online. Its not hard, pretty simple. This guide won’t include the use of any FTP software like FileZilla, etc.

I am always looking for the cheaper deals :D. So, basically in this guide I’ll be using to register a domain name and using’s hosting for publishing the website online.

Registering a domain:

Registering a domain name is simple. Just go to, and search for your desired name. Add it to your cart and click on continue to checkout. I suggest go for a .com, since its the most popular domain extension. You can get a .com on Godaddy just for $13/year (that is approximately £8), oh wait… I said I’m always looking for the cheaper deals.. So, here’s the deal, on the cart page, scroll down and click on “have a promo code“, and enter one the following promo code to get some discount (depends, sometimes not all the promo codes work for everyone)..

For $3 .com domain enter cjc3cp.

For $1.99 .com domain enter cjc199.

For $5.99 .com domain enter cjc599V.

or Google any other promo code if none of these work for you. You can pay via PayPal or Credit Card.

The reason I choose Godaddy is their domain control panel is quite user friendly, but as a Web Host Godaddy sucks.


Buying the Hosting:

Assuming you successfully registered the domain, now you have to buy the hosting.. I am currently using’s hosting. The hosting isn’t costly as well, its just $4-5 per month and they have quite a simple interface, very user-friendly. You can use any other host as well, but I’m sticking to at the moment.

When you buy a hosting, remember to select “I plan to use a domain I already registered” and type the domain there that you just registered. Now, next, fill in the details, next, pay and done! Within few hours, you get your hosting details emailed to you.


Now, you have hosting and a domain, so lets get started..

Pointing the Nameservers of the domain to your host:

You have to point the Nameservers of the domain to your host. You can find the Nameservers of the host mostly in their welcome email. As for the, you can find the NameServers in the right sidebar of your hosting dashboard.

Quoting from the Godaddy:

To Set Custom Nameservers for a Domain Name Registered with Us

  1. Log in to your Account Manager.
  2. Next to Domains, click Launch.
  3. Select the domain name(s) you want to modify.
  4. From the Nameservers menu, select Set Nameservers.
  5. Under Setup type, select Custom.
  6. Select Add Nameservers.
  7. Enter the two nameservers your hosting provider gave you.Click Add Nameserver if you have more than two nameservers.
  8. Click Save.
Domain Nameservers
Setting Nameservers on Godaddy

Now, you have successfully pointed the nameservers to your host. It may take up to 48-72 hours for the nameservers to get updated, but usually it gets updated within 5 minutes.

How to upload a website?

Step # 1:

I wont be using any FTP software here. So, first of all, compress all your website files in a ZIP archive. Now head back to In your control panel, go the the File Manager and upload the zip archive in the root folder.

Step # 2:

Now, you have to unzip the archive. Go to the home of your ipage’s control panel. Under “additional tools“, there will be a link to “Archive Gateway”, that’s to extract the Zip file.

In the “Archive Gateway”, select the zip file that you uploaded and then click on “Extract/Uncompress”. That’s it! Now open you website URL and see your site hosted online that can be accessed worldwide!

Below are some screenshots from ipage’s control panel:

Hope this helps. No hassle of FTP clients and all this would cost you no more than £8-12 provided you’re buying hosting just for one month and domain for one year.

This was just a little guide for the starters. Any questions? Post the comments below.

I am not affiliated with or in anyway, I just use them. Please use them with your own wisdom, I am not responsible for anything.

References: 2013. Setting Nameservers for Your Domain Names – Support – GoDaddy. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 04 December 13].

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