Whats Better to Write About on Twitter?
What It is Better to Write About in Twitter? – Source

If you want your Twitter account be able to bring you more profit and help, you will be able to use it for acquaintance with new people or to use it for promotion the blog it is important to publish interesting and at the same time useful information for others, otherwise people will just not read you and will ignore.

Posting of tweets about curious things in the Web

While you read an interesting article your fingers itching to write about it in Twitter. It seems that it is more logical not only to write about that article, but to put a link to it in the tweet, but many people forget to do it for some unknown reason.
Add links to interesting services or articles about which you write, this way you will be interesting to read for your visitors and they will receive a recommendation from you.
It is important to make links shorter in order they don’t take many signs, just use services for their abridgement (for example, Tinyurl.com), they are really very much convenient.

Posting messages as “what I am doing now”

Many people write in Twitter what they are doing at the moment. For example, “I am going to return home”. “I am drinking coffee on work”, “I am reading the friends’ news line in LiveJournal”. Strangers likely will not be interested in such tweets.

Even if you add some more information in the message (but remember, you have only 140 signs!) it will become more interesting for people. If you live in New Zealand, just write: “I am going home. Today is +26 degrees C, maybe I will go to the beach”. It seems that you just say several words about the weather, but it will be more interesting for people from other countries. Do you want to tell people that you are drinking coffee on work? Just write what kind of coffee you drink and say some words about your current project, even such trifles will be curious.

Quotations posting

Many people like to note curious and wise quotations. In many personal blogs we can see that people refresh citations very much often. All citations which are shorter than 140 signs are the best text for Twitter.

Private messages posting

Try not to make Twitter a tool for long conversation. If you want to talk with some concrete person about any question, just use Skype, ICQ, Jabber or e-mail. This way you will save your readers from unnecessary information which is not interesting for them. If you don’t want to exceed the limits of Twitter, just write private messages to each other.
Of course every person uses Twitter in different ways, that’s why these tips are not universal ones. The main this is to remember that the more interesting things you write, the more potential readers you can have there. It is better to write not so many things, but they will be curious and informative instead of writing much boring, useless and uninteresting information.

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