Why do people complain
Why do people complain? – Image source : flickr – CC licensed

Why do people complain so much?

Well we always do it everyday, anytime, anywhere, we tend to complain about things that are not suitable for us, things that are not in the right way you want it to be, things that are hard to get us used to, anything that can get on our nerves when things aren’t doing right.

When things aren’t going the way we want it to be, there you go you fire up the cigarette smoke and talk bad about it when you’re off-shift, for example my colleague, I tell you she is totally insane when it comes to complaining stuffs that are not in her order or expectation. Here’s the story, she was trying to open up an invoice with an account software called MYOB (Mind Your Own Business). I use it everyday in the office, no problem for me, but she doesn’t like how the options work and it’s too complicated to open up a bill for her, instead she just put up the amount and kept on talking about the functions e.g. adding % amount, form of payment, names, addresses, it was too hard for her to get things right and she always complained “My previous company didn’t had this crap software just to print a goddamn invoice!” every single day when she was about to create an invoice she kept on screaming about how to add an amount, decimal points, form, and she wants a software that she always used before in her previous company. That is how many people complain about things that are not going their way and stress about it everyday. Instead of fixing it and solving the problem itself?

Not to worry, you can fix things to your way, how? Easy, easy as maneasy cheesy, how?

How to fix them?

You have to get used to it. That’s the common way, another how is “Your Must Accept it as Challenge”. Successful people don’t complain so much, but instead they solve it to remove the problem, and get things to their way. Wise people don’t complain and fret about matters that are not important but if it’s a big matter then they will find their way to solve it. Again you’re asking how? You’ll have to get used to the system, the new thing, the new stuff you’re hating, new things that are not getting your way you want it to be, learn to get used to the new stuffs, it’s hard YES it is hard, I say this once, “Don’t complain because it’s hard, instead you must get used to it, it may seem hard at first but eventually the more you are used to it everyday step after steps, trust me on this, you are never going to notice it ever again once you are used to it”. However there is a but, you might say ask “damn Terence you’re kidding right? why am I suppose to be doing the things that are not going my way? I hate it so much!”

Another way is to Talk and Discuss about it, if you’re not going to speak out or discuss about the matter you’ll think about it again and again and add-in more stress. You have to change something at least to a degree that can ease the pain and stop complaining anymore, ask for a change, or you are the one to change it yourself.

Each day new problems come up and you start to complain about it everyday or even years you remember you keep complaining about it and waste your time complaining things. We only live once I suppose? Then why waste your time complaining instead of solving it. You complain about the job you hate, complain about the salary not increasing but our expenses are increasing as well, lots to complain about yet you’re not working on how to solve it. HOW? Again you ask, here’s another HOW, You Start Working for it, expenses increasing? Expensive foods, oils, medicines, gasses, bills to paid, the lists are endless. Stop complaining, and start working to earn more money instead, in order to pay the bills, expenses, etc. You’ll never complain about it ever again. Boss not raising your salary after 3 months or even 1 year working in the company but still you have the same amount of cheque every month? Talk to your boss, ask for a raise! If that’s not working for you, start your freelancer career online, start earning money online, and you can quit complaining about your salary not being enough to be able to pay your rent, expenses, or even debts.

Just sharing some pinpoints and opinions, although there isn’t much of a list but try to get used to what I’ve said above, you’ll find this post useful any moment and remember just stop complaining so much and start working your way to solve it, there are tons of solutions but I’ve just listed some points to get yourself to quit complaining. Time is precious, stop stressing yourself so much and be at the top of the edge.

“Suffer the pain of DISCIPLINE, or suffer the pain of REGRET”

Thanks for reading.
– Terence

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