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Most business people have a serious misconception about blogging – they think they’re for 14 year old girls to talk about high school crushes or to post what they’re eating.

While there is a lot of that happening in the Blogosphere, the more common (and much, much better) use of a blog is to make money. Nearly 200,000 blogs are created every single day, many of them with the intent of being a standalone business.

However, one neglected use of a blog is to use alongside your business site!

It’s as easy as installing WordPress, and having a tab on your site that says “blog”. Here’s why you should start a blog for your business:

1. Blogs Rank on Search Engines

Let’s say your site sells real estate in Las Vegas. Getting your site to rank on Google for that keyword will be extremely difficult unless you’re already a massively huge and successful firm. It’s just too profitable a keyword and too many other people are trying to push up the rankings.

But with a blog, you can easily go after less trafficked keywords, and rank for dozens of them – getting you the traffic and traction you need to get that wanted search engine traffic. For example, you could try for a keyword like “Best places to live in Las Vegas.” It’s a more obscure keyword and therefore gets less traffic, but you could conceivably rank for it.

Furthermore, Google has a love affair with WordPress. The platform is already built to be SEO friendly, plus search engines give more weight to sites that consistently produce new content. New posts written at least weekly gives the search engines something to chew on.

2. People Want to Connect With Brands

People relate now more than ever with the brands that they love. If you have a cool product, people want to know more about you, follow you on Facebook, share your stuff with their friends, wear your T-shirts, slap your stickers on their cars… and read articles you write! It’s another layer for people to connect with your brand socially.

Take a look at a site like Not only do they maintain a blog, but their entire brand is built on being goofy – including making fun of their own products. People love brands with a personality, and a blog can help identify the character of your company.

3. Give Expert Advice

Another reason people buy from you is that they think you’re the expert. Let’s say you run an animal hospital, and you write an article titled “How Often Should You Take Your Dog in for a Check-up?” or “Does My Cat Have an Ear Infection?” These types of articles easily position you as the expert, and potential clients will more readily bring you their business.

Installing a blog is no longer the unprofessional, rookie thing to do. Most well-respected companies online now run blogs along with their business sites, and they’ve only seen increased results. Hurry up and install a blog on your site today, and see how your traffic improves!

Are you already running a blog to help promote your business? How has it helped you?

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Cameron Smith is a Blog Writer and Email Marketer for Free Guest Post. In his spare time, he likes to watch basketball, eat insane amounts of pizza, and pretend he’s not actually a big sci-fi nerd.