Apple iCar
Apple iCar on its way – Image Credits

Steve Jobs, Apple’s former CEO always dreamed of taking Apple in automotive industry to build an Apple car. However, Steve never got it happen which could have been an ‘Apple iCar’.

Volkswagen (VW) unveiled the iBeetle. Why they would the use “i”? The new model is worked around the deep integration of Apple’s iPhone and iPad as its sports docking is built into the dashboard.

An iPhone can be plugged into the vehicle’s navigation in other words the car is operated by (AAPL) iPhone technology.

Volkswagen is releasing an app that supercharges what the iPhone can do inside a the vehicle. It would put iPhone in auto-integration, what can iPhone do inside the car. One type of information is that it would display car analysis such as coolant and oil levels. Other apps would simultaneously compare the driving times and distance left and the speed. Connecting direct with iTunes, downloading latest songs and making calls on the go.

Car makers are rushing to bring innovations by bringing integrated smartphones and tablets. According to a research by ABI estimates that by 2016, around 200 million cars will have on board internet.
That simply means loads of sensors and processors to keep the car going in auto-mode. Dashboards are already replaced by features such as video calling and custom designed dials.

VW claims that they have designed the iBeetle to bring Apple’s iPhone like interface. They will be out next year but the price has not yet been revealed.

So, who’s gonna buy the Apple iCar when its arrives? Share you thoughts in comments..


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