Child Photography Ideas
Photo Clicked by Ameer MoaviaClick on the image to view full size.

That’s photo of the day, Isn’t it? I came across this picture when I was scrolling through my News Feed on Facebook. I visit photography groups and pages on Facebook on regular basis just to enjoy beautiful clicks by others, but that was surely the picture of the day for me.

Actually few days ago, I was asking for some Child Photography Ideas (because I love kids) from a friend of mine who’s a professional photographer, so I thought this image is one of the fine example of it Child Photography.

So, I immediately contacted the photographer (Ameer Moavia) as I really wanted to share this with my readers and asked for the permission if I could post this on my blog. Luckily, he agreed and also sent me a little guide on how he clicked this beauty.

Moavia explained, the photo was taken from Nikon D3200 (an entry level DSLR) without any flash. Natural day light was the only source of light which was defused with tinted glass of a window and a piece of cloth. Subject was facing towards the defused light and hence the picture was captured on RAW format.

Below are the EXIF details of this image:

Shutter 1/40th of a second because the shot was handheld

ISO – 200

Aperture f/5.4″ (Lowest offered by the lens)

He did some of the post processing of the image in Adobe Photoshop CS6 as well. Quoting the post processing details as explained by Moavia:

1) In first step, the face is selected by the selection tool (polygon lasso) and all the unnecessary spots and hair are removed.

2) The Gaussian blur tool is used to smoothen the face and then the eraser tool (at very low opacity) is used to finish the edges of the face.

3) Then selection is made excluding the cap and the eyes and desaturated (turned Black and white).

4) Now, Eyes are selected and color is matched with the cap in color balance option.

5) The whole flatten image’s color is balanced towards a blue shade to give it a cool theme.

And..That’s it!  I know that’s not a detailed guide, but if you have any questions then you can contact Ameer Moavia directly on his official Facebook Page: Ameer Moavia’s Photography.