If you’re new to photography world or you want to get out of auto mode and really want to explore the manual mode of your DSLR, then this article is dedicated to you!

I know its fun to learn by try different settings on your DSLR on your own, but sometimes it just takes too much time and frustration, especially when you’re a newbie. So, here’s a new fun DSLR simulator that allows you to explore the manual mode of your camera online. So, just take out a couple of minutes to try this application and you’ll be definitely get better than ever with your DSLR.

DSLR Simulator

This application allows you to use Shutter Priority mode, Aperture Priority mode and Manual mode. It also gives you option to select the kind of weather you’ll be shooting in and if you will be using tripod or not.

So, what are you waiting for. Hit the manual mode, select your ISO, aperture and shutter speed. Hit ‘snap photo!’ once you’re done with the settings. The best thing is you’ll get feedback for your image in the form of a smiley! Happy Snapping :).

dslr simulator