earth sized star found in space
Earth-sized star found in space – Image Credits

A recently discovered and very unusual white dwarf star, apparently a giant floating piece of bling, is found to be same as the size of earth. No wonder they named their new discovery as diamond.

Scientists at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory tracked down the very cold and dim star. The star is so cold that its carbon has actually crystallized changing it into a earth-sized diamond.
The astronomers estimated its temperature about 3000 degree Celsius. It sounds pretty hot to us earthlings, but this temperature is merely an “ice-cube” temperature in front of other stars. Our sun is 5000 times hotter than its core. This star sends out radio waves that lead scientists to its discovery as well.

It really is a remarkable object. These things are out there, but because they are so dim, they are very difficult to find. –Professor David Kaplan, of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Humans have deep affection for diamonds, a crystalline form of pure carbon we are fond of digging out of the ground. If you fancy it, then maybe you should figure out a way to go capture a newly discovered white dwarf star that astronomers are regarding as, an Earth-size diamond in space.