Google and Samsung are friends again
Google and Samsung are friends again – Image Credits

The recent announcement that Google and Samsung will be using each others patents mean that both Gumi and Mountain View are friends again. It is perhaps an open secret in the tech community that there is a growing schism between the two. Perhaps the most glaring evidence of a spat is when Samsung stepped on the throttle and push Tizen as part of its strategy to become less dependent on Android. That is why Google tried to step in to end the madness when it saw what Samsung did to the cards of Google Now splashed on the Magazine UI of TouchWiz.

Taking Android to Gangnam

Many Android fanatics are convinced that Samsung is taking Android and using it away from Google. If you have a Samsung Galaxy S4 you will notice that there is thing called the Samsung Hub. Basically, this hub only reprises the role of Google Play in Samsung devices. While Samsung will not admit to this—the proof is in the pudding. Samsung, in fairness, said the hub extends the functionality of Android to other products such as smart TVs and refrigerators. Yeah, and that is why in last year’s Unbox event for Galaxy S4 Android was never mentioned even once during the show.

Turning around for Google

The fact is that we will never learn how Google managed to convince Samsung to make a 180 degree turn and extend an olive branch. Samsung is now giving chance for Google’s apps to see the light of day. But then again, we don’t want to know and that is fine. The most important thing in this episode is that both companies are now playing beautiful music together. Some say that as part of the deal, Google needs to part with Motorola to become a welcomed bedfellow again in a South Korean bedroom.

Samsung needs to stop re-inventing the wheel

Some pundits welcomed the development with a sigh of relief. Samsung needs not to constantly re-invent a perfectly good wheel. Samsung’s versions of Google apps are nowhere different, amazing and game-changing. This is the reason why Samsung and Google need to get their acts together because it may not be good for Android in the long term.

All we could do mere mortals is to wait and watch what will pan out. But one thing is for sure both companies have what it takes to become stronger. Each one has its strengths and weaknesses that can be bolstered with the new deal. It is beneficial for both to become more collaborative than callous to each other.