water splash photography
Water Splash Photography
Image Credits: Ahmed Zia’s Photography

Ever wonder how the heck photographers do splash photography? Well, Ahmed Zia has explained to us how to do this in a very simple manner.

This picture is one of his first experiments of splash photography portfolio and he nailed it absolutely.

He explained in few simple steps. The way he explained seems very easy, but really it need some good photography skills. So, here you go;

Things you will need are the white cloth, black cloth, glass full of water, a stone (to make the splash) and a camera with remote obviously.

Step 1

Take black cloth hang on wall as background. Put a white clot on the table and put a glass full of water on it.

Step 2:

Place your camera on a tripod stand and you will have to use the remote to capture the moment.

You need to be quick since you’ll be dropping stone into the water to make the splash and using remote to click the photo at the same time.

Step 3:

Now, drop the stone into the glass and click the photo the moment splash is coming out of the glass.

It takes few shots to get the correct photo. In his case, it took him 11 shots. Then just a little colour adjustment in the post  production that can be done with little Photoshop skills as well.

The picture is click from Nikon d3100 camera. The EXIF details of this image are as follows.

EXIF details:

Iso 400
Shutter Speed 1/1000
Aperture f8

All image rights are reserved by Ahmed Zia’s Photography. We have permission to post it to InternetOh.