Time Lapse Video
How to: Time Lapse Video?

Time Laps it is one of very important mode in the photography world. Time lapse photography is all about taking many pictures at some time intervals, lets say 3 sec, 4 sec or 5 sec, from same position and angle. Things you require for such photography is a good tripod stand, digital timer remote and a camera obviously. You just need to set your camera at the right position and start shooting. With your camera remote, you can set the time interval between each photo. Once you finish shooting, you need to process them in some software like Adobe Lightroom, so that they run as a film. Below, you can see a sample video.

The camera settings for the images in this video were

Camera Canon 5D MarkII

Lens: 50mm

Shutter Speed: 4 sec

F-stop: f/16

ISO 100

The more you use your imagination, the more amazing video you come up with. So if you want to try time lapse, you just don’t need to prepare your camera and stuff, but you need to find a good place, you need to consider the weather, motion and lighting. Factors such as sunrise or sunset add to the beauty of such videos. Obviously, you can use your imagination to come up with something better or impressive as well.

Remember, making time lapse video is fun, but its hard work as well. You need to capture photos every second. No matter how long it takes, just think of that great result you are going to get. The 46 seconds of video you just watched, consisted of 940 photos run in a sequence. The point is that you got to be patient and gotta love what you are doing. Just keep in your mind, its just not a picture, but every picture is a moment that you are saving in your roll. Now, you combine all these pictures to produce a video that speaks for your hard work and brilliance!

The video was made by Artist Yousif Akar. The details in this articles were also sent by him. Make sure you visit him on Facebook, and feel free to ask questions, if any.