Internet of Things (IoT)

Over the past few years a new concept has emerged, The Internet of Things. IoT is a concept of everyday technology from domestic operating systems to mobile applications. It may be a premises that uses sensors to automatically adjust heating or lighting; or may just be a mobile application that wirelessly sets home heating temperature, control refrigeration or external lighting remotely.

Internet of Things would soon be a norm in Smart Homes
Internet of Things would soon be a norm in Smart Homes Image Credits

Internet of Things is the future of technology that is an emerging concept, that without a doubt due to take over our lives in the next decade or so. Though the term may sound new, Internet of Things was first introduced by a businessman Kevin Ashton in late 1990s who was also the founder of Auto-ID at MIT.  The concept has evolved as wireless internet is on the increase and embedded sensors can be utilised to remotely operate the sophisticated devices known as ‘Smart Devices’ or in energy sector, ‘Smart meters’.

How important are Internet of Things (IoT)?

Internet of things bring economic benefit by remotely analysing the data. For example, a ‘pay as you go’ electricity meter sending a message to phone, notifying users when the credit is low. A parking bay can be automated to let the drivers know of empty parking places, would make life so easy.Intelligent transport inventions can speed up traffic flows. Setting up SmartThings are easier than ever all you need is an app that supports, for example room temperature control system that requires a wireless hub and power connectivity. These can be controlled from your holiday place or another country.
Samsung and Google are working actively towards introducing these SmartThings. Google has just recently bought Nest, which uses sensors and programmed systems

Security? A big Question Mark!

Internet of Things, no doubt is a revolutionary concept brings countless benefits. Smart homes that will rely on these technology may have a greater risk of having the controls falling into wrong hands. Imagine an instruction from your smartphone will have pass routers, many servers, switches and cloud services before reaching your home’s wireless router. This leaves a big question mark on the security of these devices, as privacy can be invaded and published around the world if not properly secured.

Hacker can take over the cities
Hacker can easily take over the electricity supply sending towns into darkness Image Credits

Other problems may arise such as utility company remotely turning of electricity or gas in winter period without any prior notice, or a simple fault in their wireless services can be chaotic. This means if a utility company can disconnect you, so could a hacker in Neverland.
Home-owners who trust these devices could easily wind up on the Please Rob Me website.

Share your thoughts on what benefits or dis-benefits IoT may bring in the coming years!

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