Pepper - Robot with Emotions
Pepper – Robot with Emotions – Image Credits

Softbank, which is a Japanese telecom company is releasing a robot with emotions, namely Pepper. They have claimed that this little robot can react to the human emotions. Pepper will interact with public as customer service representative in different Japanese stores. However the actual release month of this magnificent robot is set to be next February, this is when Pepper will be available to general public. The price of Pepper, the 41″ (inch) robot, will be approximately around $2000.

Pepper is equipped with a lot of proximity sensors, microphones, cameras and other little gadgets that enables the pepper to analyse the different sound waves and expressions of human and enables the robot to judge the feelings of the user. The company’s vision is to involve the robotics in every household.

Checkout the teaser video of Pepper, the robot with emotions:

Pepper will be upgradeable, which means you will be able to upgrade pepper with new apps and tweaks. Are you excited? We are definitely planning to buy Pepper as soon it will be released. What about you guys? Let us know in the comments below..