Tech Round-up of 2013
2013 has been a year of innovations of ultimate experiences – Image Credits

Tech Round-up of 2013:

A brief look into technology and social media innovations of 2013:


In 2013 facebook made improvements to its photo-sharing and messaging app. November launch of Instagram direct was a reply to SnapChat. If you are not yet aware of SnapChat it’s an app that allows users to chat by sending instant photographs available to users on the other side for few seconds. Despite Facebook’s effort to buy off SnapChat the CEO of snap-chat turned down a $3 billion offer from Facebook.
The Top geo tag of 2013 is Siam Paragon – Bangkok mall, Thailand and also the location in NY known as times square. The top #tag is #love.


On Twitter Katy Perry overtook Justin Bieber as the most followed celebrity. The pop star has 15 million users in 2013 alone and 48.9 million followers. Katy Perry tells Ellen DeGeneres, “I think people like following me because they see that there’s an authenticity to it, because it’s always me tweeting, and it’s me sharing about my life.”


2013 can be branded as year of videos as there has been as shift from photo posting to videos. It began when Twitter introduced platform for posting short videos. Twitter launched vine, which limits video posts upto 6 seconds.
Whereas Facebook-owned Instagram being generous allowing users to post videos for up to 15 seconds.


The king of videos is no doubt YouTube is the most popular video sharing site. Last year “Gangnam style” produced a massive 1 billion hits. 2013 also grabbed attention of almost 600 million views for the new hit from PSY “Gentlemen” is the most viewed video of this year.
Miley Cyrus’s “wrecking ball” produced 437 million hits being the second most video in year 2013.


Facebook is still the most popular social networking website with 1 billion users world-wide. In 2013 they introduced Graph search, giving users the ability to see personal data wealth-wise collected by social media. But the down side is that it does not work on mobile.
Another great innovation was Chat heads for users it means your friends pop out when they send a message.


In 2013 many amazing phones were introduced such as Samsung’s Galaxy S4 and Apple’s 5s but Samsung is the leader with 32.1% share over Apple and other brands.
Android remained dominant with 81.9% of its devices sold and iOS is second with 12.1% sold followed by Windows mobile and Blackberry.
Windows 8 looks good and its more promising in terms of its apps purchase and overall interface.


Both Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s X-box sold a million devices in 24 hours after its launch but the biggest news was the release of Oculus Rift, virtual reality goggles that are quite amazing.
The head –mounted display takes gamers into a 3D world with a wider view of display and an introduction of a new level.
40,00 developer units were sent this year for fundraising amounting $75 million and no doubt this will change the future of gaming.


Whilst 2013 has been a year of gadgets and tech wearable such as Samsung’s watch is entering a new era of smart-devices.
Google glass is another device that acts as a computer and is available whenever you like it works with the help of optical head-mounted display designed to give users a super experience of another virtual world that will bring a brand new start of never-ending innovations.

Devices like Fit bit Flex, Jawbone Up 24, and Nike fuel can track physical activity and sleep patterns to give users a control over their daily activities.
Samsung introduction of smart watches was great but Apple’s iWatch is still to be introduced and year 2014 would be a big year with the launch of Apple’s new iPhone 6.


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