twine app
Twine for iPhone and Android – Image Credits

Twine is a new dating app, that claims to be “The 1st Intellectual Flirting and Dating App” – quoting its iTunes Title.

I came across to Twine recently.. I am always reviewing new apps for fun, but Twine was quite tempting.. Twine is the first flirting and dating app that makes matches based on people’s interests. Unlike other dating app, it doesn’t show your name and pictures until you decide to reveal yourself. So, basically you’re talking to someone who has similar interests as you, but the good thing is you’re anonymous (Privacy Protected! Hurray!).

However, Twine requires Facebook account to Login, but I think that’s a plus point as it reduces the spam. At least I hope they won’t be messing with our Facebook accounts, LOL. I think the interests you select are from the Facebook pages you liked, though I’m not sure.

Moreover, to make it more interesting Twine App has Ice-breaker functionality to get your conversation started. Twine allows you to make match in your nearby area, in your country or the whole world. The owner claims that there is balanced ratio of Men to Women on the App. He suggests that Twine App has been downloaded about 120K times since its launch.

If I were to rate this app, then I would give this app a score of 3 out of 5 stars. The reasons are:

  • Most people will be real since it connects through Facebook, but I’m always afraid to use my Facebook account to Login somewhere, so I’m 50/50 here.
  • Interest Based Match Making, unlike other apps where you just keep on scrolling on different pictures of people.
  • Simple and Smooth Interface.
  • Protects Privacy – Even after reveling yourself only Name and Picture is revealed.
  • Some of the Icebreaker questions are quite funny.
  • Hardly found anyone in nearby area. When I tried the global search, most results were from the Malaysia and USA.

You can download Twine from App Store and Play Store. If you want to find out more about Twine, then you can visit their website.

However, in the end it didn’t turn out to be that amazing, but its worth giving a try, at least it really makes you excited at the first glance. Enjoy, I’m not saying that it causes any harm since I’m enjoying this app as well but please use it at your own risk, neither I’m responsible for anything related to this and I’m not affiliate with this app in any way.


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